• Realtors, agents, or even real estate vendors – this is not how we relate to ourselves. We are fighters of Zagorodny Mir. We are a small army equipped with love to our job, servicing technologies, work standards, an internal ethic code and a Zagorodny Mir secret. We are a small army with a dream: each our client should be heard, understood and made happy. We want him to say in the long run: «I am extremely glad to have met this person, this Company and this team!»


    We belong to the leading group at the market of country-side housing. We provide professional services to those wishing to buy and sell houses, cottages, villas, mansions, land plots and cottage settlements. Our style is unique, we are innovative and respectful to our partners, and endlessly fond of our clients (although in part selfishly).


    We dream of a country-side world, Zagorodny Mir, kingdom of serenity and peace, with lifestyle based on healthcare, privacy of dwelling, high level of success, improved life quality and ongoing changes for the better.


    We aim high and dream of conquering the World (country-side one), Zagorodny Mir. We are young, energetic and ready to move mountains. We have had the best teachers presenting us with the gift of their wisdom. And we, too, are ready to share our knowledge.


    Every such a front-end fighter, representing the Company, is constantly backed up by a group of “invisible front fighters”. These are his bosses, taking tactical and strategic decisions, his legal supporters with responsibility for serious paper work, advertisement department experts securing our promotion at the market and IT department specialists regularly providing us with operative information support.

    Other important components of our team include administrators, HR-specialists, book-keepers, business-trainers, security experts, development managers, quality control experts, clearing service specialists. So we are backed by a big team of professionals ensuring high-quality service for our clients, with one of us being an interface.


    We are heroes for each other and truly believe in what we do. Real success to us is nothing less than a chance to live and work being guided by the truth and sticking to values that reveal what is best in ourselves, in our clients and partners, in our mission, in quality of our services, in whatever is there around us.
    Our leaders belong to a breed of people that make the World go round.


    We are optimists. We are eager to satisfy all our clients’ needs. We are devoted to the cause we serve. We sincerely do our best to provide high quality services to make life of Zagorodny Mir’s clients better.
    We are fond of country-side real estate and ready to share our experience, skills and knowledge!
    We stick to three chief principles in dealing with country-side real estate:
    Profit: You get the best service for moderate paySpeed: Our technologies help us to deliver in the shortest possible time.


    This is our beacon. The beacon of Zagorodny Mir helps us to stay on the right track towards our dream. Remember an old saying: «It’s not what you are that drives you forward, but what you may become – if you dare».  We have dared. And now there is no way back – only forward. We invite you to join us in this breathtaking trip. Welcome to Zagorodny Mir!

  • Hello again!

    We boast a clear-cut mission, a unique style and a real love to Zagorodny Mir. We offer high level of servicing and help to make your dreams of Zagorodny Mir come true. We are proud of being honest businessmen and contributing to decent perception of our profession.

    • High level of professionalism
    • Priority of clients’ interests
    • Honesty in all actions and words.
  • To be a leading company in the country-side real estate market

  • Every day we try to keep on growing and developing. Our goal is to improve quality of our services rendered to You. Therefore we are vitally interested in your responses, ideas, critical recommendations, stories and tips. Share the information with us – we shall make your dreams come true. Dreams of your future house or a plot of land, dreams of successful purchase or sale, dreams of high-quality service. Entrust us with your dream of country-side real estate – and no need to worry about details whatsoever.

    These are our dreams of Zagorodny Mir and an ideal company.

    We thank all our clients for inspiration, trust and honor!

    We thank everybody who has sent to us ideas and responses, comments and proposals, critical and pleasant remarks.

    We thank everybody who has knocked on the doors of Zagorodny Mir, let your house be the best place on Earth!

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